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Special Events for Members and their Families

Each calendar year the Riverside Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution host various events for its members and their families. It is our way to have our membership be more involved with the activities of the chapter while learning more about the history of our founding fathers, our country and the Sons of the American Revolution. We encourage all our members to be as active as they wish and to participate in any and all of the family activities the chapter hosts.

Upcoming Events:

The Riverside Chapter has a school outreach program which we call "The Traveling Museum." This program can be custom design to meet the needs of our elementary middle school age children with a hands on learning experience. The program brings Revolutionary War Artifacts to the school and teaches the our children about how our troops lived and fought during the war, what led up to the war and why the men and women were compelled to leave the security of England the nation they loved.

Family Events: (Please note, these are not SAR sponsored events)

Month of December: Logans Candies in Ontario, CA creates holiday candy treats, best known for their homemade candy canes. Check their web site for family days and special events. 

(909) 984-5410 for more details

125 W. B Street

Ontario, CA 91762

COVID 19 Testing

Learn more about COVID 19 testing and vaccinations at:

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