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Chapter Officers and Committe Chairs

President                                                  Michael Mann

1st Vice President/President Elect           Harold Cardwell

2nd Vice President                                    Roger Cooper

Secretary                                                  Gene Justin

Treasurer                                                  John Matulich 

Registrar                                                   Henry Lucas 

Genealogist                                               Dave Leonard

Awards and Medal                                    Mark Kramer

By-Laws Review                                        Brian Stephens

Chaplain                                                    Wayne Rogers

Historian                                                   Dave Leonard

Color-Guard Commander                           Mark Kramer

Eagle Scouts                                             Mike Heckenlaible

JROTC/ROTC Activities                               John Matulich

NSCC/NLCC                                                OPEN

Knight Essay                                              Michael Mann

Americanism Poster Contest                      OPEN

Middle School Brochure Contest                 OPEN

High School Oration Contest                       OPEN

Valley Forge Teachers Program                   Henry Lucas

Veterans Affairs                                           OPEN

Rivulet Editor                                               Wayne Rogers 

Member Mentoring Program                        OPEN

Nominating Committee                                1st Past President 

Any chapter member that wishes to become a board member should contact the chapter president for open position or positions that are available.


Our chapters is always looking to for individuals that want to become active.

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