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Riverside CA Chapter Founding Decendants
Founded April 29, 1943
Charter Granted February 22, 1944

Carl Nobel Helmick, Chapter Founder

DeWitt V. Hutching

Frank Miller Hutching (grandson of Mission Inn Founder)

Dr. Edward Neblett

Dr. Walter Neblett

Mr. Smith (WWII Veteran, serving at the time)

Mr. Smith (WWII Veteran, serving at the time)

(Note the Smith's were brothers, first names were not recored in records.)

L. Carl Andrews

Joseph Ship Bordwell

Dr. Alden S. Bordwell

Dr. Robert Bingham

The national organization of the Sons of the American Revolution was formed on April 19, 1890 by William Osborn McDowell a New Jersey businessman at Fraunces Tavern in New York City. The date of April 19, 1890 was chosen because it was the 100 anniversary of George Washington's inauguration as the 1st president of the United States of America. William Osborn McDowell was given the first membership number in the new organization as if founder.

The California Society of the Sons of the American Revolution has its roots in an organization that was started on July 4, 1876. the organization was the Sires of the American Revolution and its members were all given admission into the National Organization that was formed by William O. McDowell in 1890.

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