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RIVERSIDE CA Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution

Something sparked your interest in the Sons of the American Revolution, for some it was they realized that they may have an ancestor that fought for our hard won freedom from the tyranny of King George III and the British commonwealth, others have an interest in the American Revolution. No matter what your reasons we are glad you found our site and we are more than happy to assist you in your journey to find your American Revolution patriot. 

You may be asking yourself; "Why the Riverside Ca Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution?" Simply put the Riverside Ca chapter of SAR is one of the most active chapters in the state of California. The chapter hosts activities for its members, has a variety of volunteer activities that fit the lifestyle of most members and offers an opportunity to learn more about the American Revolution at the monthly meeting.

Please take the time to explore the many pages of activities you will find hidden within the web site. We are confident that once you see for yourself firsthand you will want to join the Sons of the American Revolution and we will be happy to help. Once a member we hope that you will find a place among the life long members and the hundreds of volunteers that work to make the Sons of the American Revolution a first class organization.

To get started you will need to send a note to our secretary under the join tab below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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