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Color Guard 
Join our Color Guard

The Color Guard is a group of dedicated members who reenact various aspects of Colonial Life from the Revolutionary Era. To ensure authenticity, each member dresses in period dress attire which represents the Continental Army, the Militia, or members of the community.

Annually the Color Guard participates in various community parades, pageants, Educational and Historical events as well as National and Patriotic events that honor our men and women who serve in our armed forces. It is the goal of our Color Guard to share the colonial experience with our friends, neighbors and our community.. Through involvement in these activities the Color Guard strive to increase awareness and interest among our youth to learn more about our Founding Fathers, the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of independence, Our Constitution and the Bill or Rights.

The Color Guard has a Firing Team which is a specialized group that fires replica Revolutionary War muskets upon request. The team fires single or multiple volleys based upon the needs of the program and for which we are supporting. The audience is often amazed at the pageantry of the musket firing.

The Riverside CA SAR can set up a Colonial Encampment upon request, to provide our audience with a living history of life in 1776. Within the encampment, SAR members teach various aspects of colonial life including how to make a map and survey, march and run drills, create stars for the American Flag, enlist in General George Washington's army and show a multitude of other activities of the Revolutionary Era.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Color Guard please file out the message box below and you will be contacted.

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