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Welcome to the Riverside California; Sons of the American Revolution

Thank you for your interest in the Sons of the American Revolution and our great heritage. The SAR was first started back in 1889 when a small group of men from San Fransisco started a group to honor the men that fought so gallantly to free our nation from the tyranny of Great Britain and King George III.


If you have an interest in family history and would like to find out if you are one of the many Americans that can trace their ancestry back to the Revolutionary War let us know and we would be honored to assist you in the process of getting started. 


To begin the process click the CONTACT/JOIN tab above and provide us with your name, e-mail address and a brief message; and our Secretary will be glad to contact you with how to get started today. 

Take some time to explore our site and find out why the Riverside CA Chapter of SAR is one of the most active chapters in the state of California. Our Chapter continues to strive to be the best we can and we have programs that fit into the lifestyle of almost any member that wants to be active in the society.

The National Society was founded on the principal of working with the youth in our community.  We have school age programs, JROTC/ROTC programs, Boy Scout-Eagle Scout Programs, and teacher enhancement programs that all promote the teaching and education of the Revolutionary War.

So please take your time and browse our site and drop us a line.


Dr. James L. Cogswell

Founder, CASSAR

Riverside Chapter was Founded in 1943

   More than 75 years of service to our        community, our state and our nation.

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